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Thank you for your enquiry.

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Simply request a call back and we’ll call you on the mobile number that you provided.

Why DriveMyCar Rentals?

  • A smart way to make extra money. If you're not using your car, why not rent it out to a safe driver in your area. With DriveMyCar Rentals, renting out your car couldn't be easier.
  • You choose who drives your car. We perform checks on all registered Drivers and you can accept or decline booking requests.
  • Insurance? We've got you covered. While your car is being rented it is covered by the DriveMyCar motor fleet insurance policy.
  • You can talk to us. We believe in great customer support and service, so if you have any questions, call
    and talk with us in person.

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How to earn money renting your car

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  1. List your car
    List your car on our website for free. When a driver wants to rent your car, a booking request is sent via SMS and email.

  2. You choose
    Choose when your car is available for rent and who gets to drive it.

  3. Feel secure
    While rented, your car is covered by the DriveMyCar motor fleet insurance policy (backed by an APRA approved insurer).

  4. Have confidence
    We supply all of the relevant information, agreements and assistance as well as vetting all drivers.

  5. Get paid
    DriveMyCar Rentals collects the money from Drivers on your behalf and then pays you directly.

About DriveMyCar Rentals

DriveMyCar Rentals is not a traditional car rental company. We are an online community connecting car Owners looking to earn some extra money by renting out their car, with Drivers who are no longer prepared to pay high car rental costs and want more choice.

Cars are available from 7 days to one year or more.

Car owners can offset some or all of the fixed costs of car ownership, or simply make some extra cash when they're not using their car. Read more

Drivers can choose from the largest range of privately owned cars in Australia.

The best part is that you will make substantial savings compared to traditional car rental companies. Read more

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Find out how much you could earn renting out your car.
Get more information about peer-to-peer private car rental.